The Pulverizer is one of the Machines added by Thermal Expansion. It uses Redstone Flux to smash things. The Machine is commonly used to process Ore blocks more efficiently than smelting them directly, but it also has many other helpful recipes.


Shaped Crafting


When working at maximum speed, the Pulverizer consumes 40 RF per tick. When its internal energy storage is starting to deplete, the Machine will slow down and use less power. This prevents sudden interruptions of the Pulverizer's work when its power supply cuts short.


1. Input Slot
Items placed in this slot are smashed by the Pulverizer.
2. Primary Output Slots
Fully processed items end up in these two slots.
3. Secondary Output Slot
Possible byproducts of items being smashed end up in this slot.
4. Progress Arrow
Displays the progress of the item currently being processed. If Not Enough Items is installed, the arrow can be clicked to look up the Pulverizer's recipes.
5. Power Gauge
Displays how fast the Pulverizer is working in relation to its maximum speed.
6. Energy Gauge
Displays how much Redstone Flux is currently stored in the Pulverizer.
7. Charging Slot
Items that store Redstone Flux that are placed here are discharged by the Pulverizer to charge itself.
8. Energy Tab
Displays how much power the Pulverizer uses, and how much Redstone Flux is currently stored in it.
9. Information Tab
Displays a bit of information about the Pulverizer.
10. Tutorial Tab
Explains various things about the Pulverizer and the other tabs in the GUI.
11. Augmentation Tab
Allows installing Augments in the Machine.
12. Security Tab
Allows setting who is allowed to access the Pulverizer. Only available if a Signalum Security Lock is installed.
13. Redstone Control Tab
Allows setting how the Pulverizer responds to Redstone signals. Only available if the Integrated Redstone Circuit Augment is installed.
14. Configuration Tab
Allows configuring the input/output behavior of the sides of the Pulverizer. Only available if the Integrated Modular Framework Augment is installed.
15. Player Inventory
The inventory and hotbar of the player that is accessing the Pulverizer.


The different sides of the Pulverizer correspond to different color-coded slots in its GUI. These sides can be identified by color-coded openings in the sides of the Pulverizer. This is used for handling input and output with ducts/pipes/conduits/tubes, other Machines and other types of inventories.

If the Integrated Modular Framework Augment is installed, this feature of the Pulverizer can be configured. Some things can be inserted from any side.

If the Integrated Servo Mechanism Augment is installed, output items are automatically ejected from the corresponding sides of the Pulverizer, evenly divided between the available outputs.

If the Integrated Hopper Apparatus Augment is installed, input items are automatically pulled into the Pulverizer from adjacent inventories at the corresponding sides.

Type Color Default Sides
Item input Blue Top
Primary item output Red Left, Right, Back
Secondary item output Yellow Bottom
Any item output Orange (not set)
Any item input/output* (colorless) (not set)
Redstone Flux input - (any side)
*: Cannot be automatically ejected from.


The following tables list the recipes that the Pulverizer can perform. Recipes that use less energy also take less time.
If the output items of a recipe have multiple versions added by different mods (Pulverized Tin for example), and there are versions added by Thermal Foundation or Thermal Expansion, those versions will usually be preferred.

*: May be changed or disabled in the config.
**: Chance is configurable per Wool color. Most colors are set to 5% by default, except white, brown, green and black, which are set to 0%.

Ore Processing

Input Primary Output Secondary Output Energy
Metal Ores 2x* Pulverized metals (dusts) - 4000 RF
Iron Ore 2x* Pulverized Iron Pulverized Ferrous Metal (10%) 4000 RF
Gold Ore 2x* Pulverized Gold Cinnabar (5%) 4000 RF
Copper Ore 2x* Pulverized Copper Pulverized Gold (10%) 4000 RF
Tin Ore 2x* Pulverized Tin Pulverized Iron (10%) 4000 RF
Silver Ore 2x* Pulverized Silver Pulverized Lead (10%) 4000 RF
Lead Ore 2x* Pulverized Lead Pulverized Silver (10%) 4000 RF
Ferrous Ore 2x* Pulverized Ferrous Metal Pulverized Shiny Metal (10%) 4000 RF
Coal Ore 3x Coal Pulverized Coal (25%) 2400 RF
Diamond Ore 2x Diamond - 2400 RF
Emerald Ore 2x Emerald - 2400 RF
Lapis Lazuli Ore 12x Lapis Lazuli Sulfur (20%) 2400 RF
Redstone Ore 6x Redstone Cinnabar (25%) 3200 RF
Nether Quartz Ore 2x Nether Quartz Sulfur (15%) 2400 RF

Other Materials

Input Primary Output Secondary Output Energy
Metal Ingots Pulverized metals (dusts) - 2400 RF
Coal Pulverized Coal Sulfur (15%) 2400 RF
Charcoal Pulverized Charcoal - 2400 RF
Obsidian 4x Pulverized Obsidian - 4000 RF
Wood (logs) 2x Sawdust - 1600 RF
Cobblestone Sand Gravel (15%) 3200 RF
Stone Gravel Sand (15%) 3200 RF
Gravel Flint Sand (15%) 3200 RF
Glass Sand - 3200 RF
Stone Bricks Cracked Stone Bricks - 800 RF
Glowstone 4x Glowstone Dust - 2400 RF
Block of Quartz 4x Nether Quartz - 2400 RF
Quartz Stairs 6x Nether Quartz - 2400 RF
Sandstone* 2x Sand Niter (50%) 3200 RF
Netherrack* Gravel Sulfur (15%) 3200 RF
Sugar Canes* 2x Sugar - 800 RF
Bone* 6x Bone Meal - 1600 RF
Blaze Rod* 4x Blaze Powder Sulfur (50%) 1600 RF
Blizz Rod* 4x Blizz Powder Snowball (50%) 1600 RF
Blitz Rod* 4x Blitz Powder Niter (50%) 1600 RF
Basalz Rod* 4x Basalz Powder Pulverized Obsidian (50%) 1600 RF
Any color Wool* 4x* String Dye (5%)** 1600 RF

Flower Dyes

Input Primary Output Secondary Output Energy
Dandelion 4x Dandelion Yellow - 1600 RF
Rose 4x Rose Red - 1600 RF
Blue Orchid 4x Light Blue Dye - 1600 RF
Allium 4x Magenta Dye - 1600 RF
Azure Bluet 4x Light Gray Dye - 1600 RF
Red Tulip 4x Rose Red - 1600 RF
Orange Tulip 4x Orange Dye - 1600 RF
White Tulip 4x Light Gray Dye - 1600 RF
Pink Tulip 4x Pink Dye - 1600 RF
Oxeye Daisy 4x Light Gray Dye - 1600 RF
Sunflower 8x Yellow Dye - 1600 RF
Lilac 8x Magenta Dye - 1600 RF
Rose Bush 8x Rose Red - 1600 RF
Peony 8x Pink Dye - 1600 RF


Input Primary Output Secondary Output Energy
Leadstone Energy Cell Frame 8x Redstone 3x Lead Ingot 4000 RF
Leadstone Energy Cell 8x Redstone 3x Lead Ingot 4000 RF
Hardened Energy Cell Frame 8x Redstone 3x Invar Ingot 4000 RF
Hardened Energy Cell 8x Redstone 3x Invar Ingot 4000 RF
Leadstone Fluxduct Redstone 3x Lead Nugget 1600 RF
Hardened Fluxduct 2x Redstone 3x Invar Nugget 1600 RF
Temperate Fluiduct 3x Copper Nugget 1x Lead Nugget (if opaque) 1600 RF

Mod Support

Input Primary Output Secondary Output Energy
Sand Silicon - 1600 RF
Diamond Diamond Dust - 3200 RF
Nether Quartz Nether Quartz Dust - 1600 RF
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl Dust - 1600 RF
Saltpeter Ore 4x Niter - 2400 RF
Sulfur Ore 6x Sulfur - 2400 RF
Apatite Ore 12x Apatite Sulfur (10%) 2400 RF
Amethyst Ore 2x Amethyst - 2400 RF
Amethyst Amethyst Dust - 3200 RF
Peridot Ore 2x Peridot - 2400 RF
Peridot Peridot Dust - 3200 RF
Ruby Ore 2x Ruby - 2400 RF
Ruby Ruby Dust - 3200 RF
Sapphire Ore 2x Sapphire - 2400 RF
Sapphire Sapphire Dust - 3200 RF
Certus Quartz Ore 2x Certus Quartz Crystal Certuz Quartz Dust (10%) 2400 RF
Certus Quartz Crystal Certus Quartz Dust - 1600 RF
Fluix Crystal Fluix Dust - 1600 RF
Native metal Clusters 2x* Pulverized metals (dusts) - 4800 RF

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