Portable Tanks

Portable Tanks are a type of block added by Thermal Expansion. They store fluids, and can be used to transport large amounts of fluid by hand.

Portable Tanks can be moved around without losing any stored fluids by dismantling them with a Crescent Hammer. In item form, Portable Tanks work well with FluiVacs when pumping up fluids or placing them in the world.


Portable Tank

Shaped Crafting
Hardened Portable Tank

Shaped Crafting

Hardened Portable Tank

Shaped Crafting
Reinforced Portable Tank

Shaped Crafting

Resonant Portable Tank

Shaped Crafting


By default, Portable Tanks are in input mode. In this mode, the bottom of a Tank is colored blue. Portable Tanks can be switched to output mode and back by using a Crescent Hammer or similar on them. In output mode, the bottom of a Tank is colored orange. Fluids are also automatically ejected from the bottom side in this mode, at a rate of 1000 mB per tick.

When placing multiple Portable Tanks on top of each other, the upper Tanks are automatically set to output mode.

Fluids can be inserted into Portable Tanks from any side, except for the bottom side when in output mode, which can only output fluids in that mode.


Portable Tanks follow Thermal Expansion's tier system. The tier of a Portable Tank determines its storage capacity.

The Creative Portable Tank can have an infinite amount of a certain fluid drawn from it. For obvious reasons, this Portable Tank tier cannot be legitimately obtained.

The following table shows the capacity of Portable Tanks, depending on tier.

Tier Capacity
Basic 8000 mB
Hardened 32000 mB
Reinforced 128000 mB
Resonant 512000 mB

The Creative Portable Tank cannot actually store any fluids; when a fluid enters it, the Tank is simply set to output that fluid.

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