Igneous Extruder: Batch Size

Igneous Extruder: Batch Size (seen ingame as the Accelerated Extrusion, Igneous Catalyst and Pyroclastic Generation) is a type of Augment that only works on the Igneous Extruder. It allows the Machine to produce multiple Cobblestone, Stone or Obsidian blocks at once in batches.

This does not mean that only one bucket of Water or Lava is required to produce an entire batch; it simply allows the Extruder to work faster. However, this Augment type does reduce the amount of Water used per produced block significantly.

If there are fluids in the Extruder's tanks, but not enough to produce an entire batch, the Machine produces a smaller batch with these fluids before stopping.


This Augment type consists of three Levels. Level I allows up to 16 Cobblestone, 8 Stone or 4 Obsidian to be produced per operation, and requires a Hardened Machine or better. Level II allows up to 32 Cobblestone, 16 Stone and 8 Stone to be produced at once, and requires Reinforced Machine or better. Lastly, Level III allows 64 Cobblestone, 32 Stone and 16 Obsidian to be produced at once, and requires a Resonant Machine.

The three Levels reduce the amount of Water consumed per operation by 50%, 75% and 87.5% respectively.


Accelerated Extrusion

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Igneous Catalyst

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Pyroclastic Generation

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