Signalum Security Lock

Signalum Security Locks are crafting materials added by Thermal Expansion. These items can be installed on various kinds of blocks and items in the mod. A secured block or item is bound to the first player that uses or opens it, making them its owner. The Security tab is then added to the GUI of that block or item. This tab allows owners to configure who may or may not interact with their secured blocks and items.

A secured block or item can be set to any of three access modes: Public Access, Restricted or Owner Only. The Public Access mode allows anyone to access it. The Restricted mode only allows the owner and anyone on their friends list to access it. Lastly, the Owner Only mod only lets the owner of the block or item interact with it.

A player's friends list can be configured using the /cofh friend command.


Shaped Crafting


Signalum Security Locks can be installed on blocks and items that support it using the following recipe:

Shaped Crafting

This means that exactly one Signalum Ingot and one Bronze Ingot are required to add security to a block or item.

Currently securable blocks and items in Thermal Expansion are:

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