Machine: Processing Speed

Backronyms are fun!

Machine: Processing Speed (seen ingame as the Secondary Reception Coil, Overclocked Modular Gearbox and Space-Time Flux Unifier) is a type of Augment that increases the maximum processing speed (and thereby maximum power usage) of Machines. However, it also increases the amount of Redstone Flux consumed per operation significantly.


This Augment type consists of three Levels. Level I multiplies processing speed by 2 and requires a Hardened Machine or better, Level II multiplies speed by 4 and requires a Reinforced Machine or better, and Level III multiplies speed by 8 and requires a Resonant Machine. However, the amount of energy consumed per operation is increased by 50%, 100% and 150% respectively.


Secondary Reception Coil

Shaped Crafting
Overclocked Modular Gearbox

Shaped Crafting
Space-Time Flux Unifier

Shaped Crafting

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