Flux Chiller

The Flux Chiller is a Redstone Flux-powered tool added by Thermal Expansion. It is capable of cooling blocks and entities in the world down from a distance. The tool can store up to 80,000 RF and consumes 400 RF per use.


Shaped Crafting


Using the Flux Chiller while aiming at a block or entity will cool that block or entity down. This can be done from up to 32 blocks away.

The Flux Chiller interacts with certain blocks and entities in specific ways:

  • Any solid blocks that are flat on top get Snow layers placed on top of them.
  • Water is turned into Ice.
  • Lava is turned into Obsidian.
  • Entities that are on fire are extinguished.

The tool can be used up to 200 times without needing a recharge.

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