The Schematic is a storage item added by Thermal Expansion. It is capable of storing a single crafting recipe for use in the Cyclic Assembler or Machinist's Workbenches.


Shapeless Crafting
  • 2x Paper
  • Blue dye (Lapis Lazuli)


Crafting recipes may be written to a Schematic in the GUIs of the devices that can utilize the item. The Schematic is Ore Dictionary-aware: other than using the exact ingredients defined in stored recipes, the devices can also use equivalent items as ingredients.

Recipes stored on a Schematic may be wiped by using the item while sneaking. They can also be overwritten by simply writing another crafting recipe onto the Schematic.

Holding Shift causes written Schematics in inventories to display the items that are crafted with their recipes.

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