The Redprint is a storage item added by Thermal Expansion. It is capable of storing the configurations of certain blocks and applying them to equivalent or similar blocks. The Redprint can be used to avoid some tedious repetition when setting up large systems.


Shapeless Crafting
  • 2x Paper
  • Redstone


Using the Redprint on a configurable block in the world will store that block's configuration on the Redprint. This configuration can then be applied to compatible blocks in the world by using the Redprint on those blocks.

A configuration stored on a Redprint may be wiped by using the item while sneaking. Sneaking while using the Redprint on a configurable block in the world will replace the stored configuration with the one of that block.


The following tables list the blocks from the CoFH mods that support Redprint configuration saving and loading. Other mods may also add Redprint support on their blocks using the CoFH API in CoFHLib.

Thermal Expansion

Block Configurations
Any augmentable block Redstone control, side configuration (if applicable)
Induction Smelter Flux Slot locked
Glacial Precipitator Selected output
Phytogenic Insolator Flux Slot locked
Igneous Extruder Selected output
Autonomous Activator Left/right click, sneaking, order of item usage, aim
Tesseract Redstone control, ender frequency, item/fluid/energy modes
Energy Cells Redstone control, side configuration, power input/output limits
Glowstone Illuminator* Mode, color, emit light
Lumium Lamp* Mode, color, emit light
Redstone Plate Distance, signal strength, duration
Impulse Plate Force, angle
Translocation Plate Distance
Excursion Plate Distance
Teleport Plate Name, destination
*: Configurations are mutually compatible.

MineFactory Reloaded

Block Configurations
Planter Consume Stack
Harvester Shear Leaves, Small Shrooms
Chronotyper Moving baby/adult animals
Auto-Spawner Spawn Exact Copy
Auto-Enchanter Enchanting level
Auto-Disenchanter Repeat
Auto-Anvil Repair Only
Block Smasher Fortune level
Chunk Loader Radius
Ejector Blacklist/whitelist, match/ignore NBT, match/ignore meta
Item Router Reject unmapped
Enchantment Router Reject unmapped, match levels
Mob Router Blacklist/whitelist, match mode
Programmable RedNet Controller Logic

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