Automated Output

Automated Output (seen ingame as the Integrated Servo Mechanism) is a type of Augment that allows Machines to automatically transfer output items or fluids into adjacent blocks that can accept them. This includes Ducts, other Machines or other types of inventories and/or tanks. Items and fluids are evenly divided between available outputs.

Items are transferred out every time a Machine completes an operation, as well as every 1.6 seconds (32 ticks). The amount of items transferred at once is limited by Machine Frame tier: Basic Machines can transfer 8 items at a time, Hardened Machines 16 items, Reinforced Machines 32 items and Resonant Machines 64 items.

Fluids are transferred out at a maximum rate of 500 mB/t. This rate may be limited by blocks receiving the fluids.

Newly crafted Machines come with this Augment already installed, unless disabled in the config.


Integrated Servo Mechanism

Shaped Crafting

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