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The Multimeter is a tool added by Thermal Expansion. It can be used to look up information from various types of blocks in the world.



Using the Multimeter on a block in the world will display any information that block has to offer via chat. This will only work on blocks that explicitly support this.

The following blocks from the CoFH mods support Multimeter information lookups:

Block Information
Any Machine Stored energy
Autonomous Activator Stored energy
Caches Item type, item amount, locked/unlocked
Portable Tanks Fluid type, fluid amount
Energy Cells Stored energy
Glowstone Illuminator Mode
Lumium Lamp Mode
Fluctuating Itemduct Stored residual energy
Flux-Plated Fluiduct Stored residual energy
Fluxducts Stored residual energy
Fluid Tank Fluid type, fill percentage
Plastic Pipe Is powered, fluid type, fluid amount, saturation
RedNet Cable Colors per side
RedNet Energy Cable Colors per side, energy saturation

Other mods may also add Multimeter support on their blocks using the CoFH API in CoFHLib.

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