Dynamo: Power Output

Dynamo: Power Output (seen ingame as the Secondary Transmission Coil, Flux Modulation Booster and CryoCoil Flux Amplifier) is a type of Augment that causes Dynamos to generate more Redstone Flux per tick by consuming fuel at a faster rate. This does have a negative effect on fuel efficiency: less total energy is generated per unit of fuel.


This Augment type consists of three Levels. Level I multiplies energy output by 2, Level II by 4 and Level III by 8. However, the amount of energy generated from a unit of fuel is reduced by 15%, 25% and 30% respectively.


Secondary Transmission Coil

Shaped Crafting
Flux Modulation Booster

Shaped Crafting
CryoCoil Flux Amplifier

Shaped Crafting

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