Machine: Secondary Output

Machine: Secondary Output (seen ingame as the Secondary Sieve, Stabilized Frame and GyroServo Feedback) is a type of Augment that increases the chance of Machines producing secondary outputs, if applicable.

Using this Augment type, it is possible to raise the chance for secondary output beyond 100% with some recipes. If the chance is higher than 100%, multiple secondary output items may be produced at once. However, this doesn't work with recycling recipes like pulverizing Leadstone Energy Cells into Lead Ingots and Redstone.


This Augment type consists of three Levels. Level I increases the chance for secondary output by 11%, and requires a Hardened Machine or better. Level II increases secondary chance by 33% and requires a Reinforced Machine or better. Lastly, Level III increases secondary chance by 81% and requires a Resonant Machine.

The above percentages indicate relative chance increases; they are not simply added to the secondary chance percentages in recipes.


Secondary Sieve

Shaped Crafting
Stabilized Frame

Shaped Crafting
GyroServo Feedback

Shaped Crafting

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