Dynamo: Advanced Throttling

Dynamo: Advanced Throttling (seen ingame as the Excitation Field Limiter) is a type of Augment that allows Dynamos to reduce their output rate to 0 RF/t when they cannot transfer their generated Redstone Flux anywhere and their energy buffer fills up.

Dynamos also reduce their output rate by default when this happens, but not all the way to zero, causing energy to be lost and fuel to be wasted.

This is a Level II Augment that requires the Integrated Redstone Circuit to be installed as well to work, and thus occupies two Augment slots. Unlike other Augments, this doesn't disable the lower Level Augment's effects (Redstone Control).

This Augment type is useful for creating compact setups with Dynamos; especially when Fluctuating Itemducts and/or Flux-Plated Fluiducts are added to the mix.


Excitation Field Limiter

Shaped Crafting

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