Autonomous Activator

It slices! It dices! It pours things, it throws things!

The Autonomous Activator is one of the Devices added by Thermal Expansion. It uses Redstone Flux to simulate a player using any items that are given to it. While active, the Autonomous Activator attempts to use an item every 0.8 seconds (16 ticks).


Shaped Crafting


The way the Autonomous Activator uses items is highly configurable. The Device can be set to simulate left clicks or right clicks. It can also be set to act as if the simulated player is sneaking. Lastly, the Activator can be set to aim high, low or at the same level.

The Activator uses 20 RF every time it attempts to use an item; even when no items are available to use. In the config, the Device can also be set to use more energy when actually using items.

When placing blocks, the Activator always tries to place two: one in the direction it is set to aim, and one below that. The lower block is always placed first if possible.

When performing an action that involves holding down a mouse button, like using a tool to break a block, the Activator uses the same amount of energy every tick while using the item.


1. Internal Inventory
Stores items for the Activator to use in the world.
2. Left/Right Click Button
Allows configuring whether the Activator simulates left clicks or right clicks. Set to Right Click by default.
3. Sneaking Button
Allows configuring whether the Activator simulates sneaking while using items or not. Set to Not Sneaking by default.
4. Use Order Button
Allows configuring in which order the Activator uses items in its inventory. Can be set to Round Robin Item Use (default), Randomly Use Items and First Slot Only.
5. Aim Button
Allows configuring in what direction the Activator aims while using items. Can be set to aim high/up, level (default) or low/down. Set to Aim Level by default.
6. Energy Gauge
Displays how much Redstone Flux is currently stored in the Activator.
7. Charging Slot
Items that store Redstone Flux that are placed here are discharged by the Activator to charge itself.
8. Energy Tab
Displays how much power the Activator uses, and how much Redstone Flux is currently stored in it.
9. Information Tab
Displays a bit of information about the Activator.
10. Tutorial Tab
Explains various things about the Activator and the other tabs in the GUI.
11. Augmentation Tab
Allows installing Augments in the Device.
12. Security Tab
Allows setting who is allowed to access the Activator. Only available if a Signalum Security Lock is installed.
13. Redstone Control Tab
Allows setting how the Activator responds to Redstone signals. Only available if the Integrated Redstone Circuit Augment is installed.
14. Configuration Tab
Allows configuring the input/output behavior of the sides of the Activator. Only available if the Integrated Modular Framework Augment is installed.
15. Player Inventory
The inventory and hotbar of the player that is accessing the Activator.


Some sides of the Autonomous Activator can be used to insert items into it or to extract items from it. These sides can be identified by color-coded openings in the sides of the Device.

If the Integrated Modular Framework Augment is installed, this feature of the Activator can be configured. Some things can be inserted from any side.

Type Color Default Sides
Item input Blue (not set)
Item output Orange Back
Any item input/output (colorless) (not set)
Redstone Flux input - (any side)

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