Pyrotheum Dust

Pyrotheum Dust is a type of dust added by Thermal Foundation. It is created from Redstone, Blaze Powder, Pulverized Coal and Sulfur. The material is capable of producing extreme amounts of heat. It is the fire elemental material.


Shapeless Crafting


Pyrotheum Dust has various uses. First of all, it can be molten down into Blazing Pyrotheum. It is also used in the Induction Smelter for certain processes that require extreme heat, like the creation of Enderium Ingots or Fluxed Electrum Ingots, or directly smelting ore blocks into two ingots.

Pyrotheum Dust can also be used as Furnace fuel. One Pyrotheum Dust is enough to smelt 120 items. Lastly, it can be crafted together with ore blocks to instantly 'smelt' them into one ingot of the material contained within.

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