Mod Support

Other than the support with other mods gained through Minecraft Forge, Thermal Foundation integrates with a bunch of mods specifically. This page lists those mods, and how Thermal Foundation integrates with them.

Not Enough Items

Disabled pieces of equipment are hidden from the item panel, unless configured otherwise.

MineFactory Reloaded

Most of the fluids in Thermal Foundation can be drunk using a Straw. Refer to the fluids' own pages to see what happens when they are drunk by players.

Equivalent Exchange 3

Most basic materials in the mod are given EMC values, if they don't have them already.

Tinkers' Construct

Blazing Pyrotheum can be used as fuel in Smelteries, providing four times the heat Lava does and lasting 24 times as long as Lava.

Tool materials are added for some metals in Thermal Foundation. The following tables list their properties and abilities.

Material Base Durability Handle Modifier Mining Speed Mining Level Attack Damage Ability
Lead 250 1.1 9.0 Iron 2 Heavy*
Silver 80 1.3 12.0 Redstone 3 Shiny*
Ferrous 750 1.35 11.0 Redstone 2 Reinforced I
Shiny 1050 1.5 14.0 Cobalt 5 Dense*
Electrum 90 1.4 17.0 Iron 2 Reinforced I, Fancy*
Invar 450 1.4 7.0 Redstone 2 Reinforced I
*: Flavor text, does not actually mean anything.

Bow / Arrow Properties

Material Draw Speed Arrow Speed Weight Break Chance
Lead 30 2.2 6.0 0.9
Silver 40 4.2 2.5 0.7
Ferrous 50 4.6 3.0 0.6
Shiny 60 5.7 5.4 0.4
Electrum 37 3.7 5.0 0.7
Invar 47 4.7 3.0 0.7


The Forge Lexicon can be worn in the belt bauble slot to save some inventory space.


Most of the items added by Thermal Foundation are given appropriate Aspects for research or extracting Essentia.

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