Zephyrean Aerotheum

Zephyrean Aerotheum is a fluid that is produced when Aerotheum Dust is molten down. The fluid is gaseous and flows upwards instead of downwards. It is the air elemental fluid. It currently doesn't have any real uses, but it is planned to get some in later releases.


Magma Crucible


The following table lists some details of Zephyrean Aerotheum. The same details for Water and Lava are included for comparison.

Fluid Temperature Luminosity Density Viscosity
Zephyrean Aerotheum 300 0 -800 100
Water 300 0 1000 1000
Lava 1300 15 3000 6000


When Zephyrean Aerotheum is placed down, it tries to flow upwards at a semi-slow rate. The way the fluid flows is a lot like water, except upside down. If there are no blocks in the way, the source block itself will also gradually 'fall' upwards. When a source block is high up in the air, it eventually dissipates.

Because Zephyrean Aerotheum is gaseous, it cannot be swum in. However, it does slow the fall of any entities inside it. It also applies two potion effects for a short while upon contact: Water Breathing and Invisibility. Lastly, it deflects any projectiles like Arrows on contact, sending them flying in a different direction.


Zephyrean Aerotheum can be drunk using a Straw. When done so, the player is given a Water Breathing effect for four minutes, and an Invisibility effect for one minute.

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