Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods are tools that can be used for fishing. Thermal Foundation adds reinforced versions of the Fishing Rod from vanilla Minecraft, made with any of its base metals and some of its alloys. Apart from durability and enchantability, they work pretty much the same as their vanilla counterpart.

Fishing Rods can be repaired with an Anvil, using the metals they are crafted with.


Shaped Crafting


Fishing Rods can have the following enchantments applied to them:

  • Lure
  • Luck of the Sea
  • Unbreaking


This table shows the differences between the various Fishing Rods provided by Thermal Foundation. The Fishing Rod from vanilla Minecraft and the Flux-Infused Fishing Rod from Redstone Arsenal are also included for comparison.

Material Max. Uses Enchantability
Wood 64 1
Copper 175 6
Tin 200 7
Lead 150 9
Silver 200 20
Ferrous 300 18
Shiny 1700 9
Electrum 100 30
Bronze 500 15
Invar 450 16
Flux-Infused - 25
Flux-Infused (Empowered) - 25

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