Gelid Cryotheum

This is also worse than Lava, except cold. You yeti.

Gelid Cryotheum is a fluid that is produced when Cryotheum Dust is molten down. It is the water/ice elemental fluid. The fluid is said to be worse than Lava, except very, very cold.


Magma Crucible


The following table lists some details of Gelid Cryotheum. The same details for Water and Lava are included for comparison.

Fluid Temperature Luminosity Density Viscosity
Gelid Cryotheum 50 0 4000 3000
Water 300 0 1000 1000
Lava 1300 15 3000 6000


Because of how cold it is, Gelid Cryotheum can be used as very effective coolant in Compression Dynamos. It can also be used to create Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts, that can transport any amount of Redstone Flux.


When Gelid Cryotheum is placed down, the way it flows is very similar to the way Lava flows, except more slowly. Source blocks of the fluid also gradually fall downwards if there are no blocks under them.
It is impossible to swim upwards when submerged in Gelid Cryotheum.

Gelid Cryotheum also interacts in specific ways with some entities or blocks that it touches:

  • Any blocks that are flat on top get Snow Covers placed on top of them.
  • Grass Blocks get turned into Dirt.
  • Water source blocks get turned into Ice.
  • Flowing Water gets turned into Snow Blocks.
  • Lava source blocks get turned into Obsidian.
  • Flowing Lava gets turned into Stone.
  • Grass and Leaves are destroyed.
  • Fires are extinguished.
  • Energized Glowstone source blocks get turned into solid Glowstone.
  • Entities are hurt by the fluid. Their movement speed is also increased slightly.
  • Zombies and Creepers are turned into Snow Golems and then killed.
  • Blazes get hurt more than other entities.
  • Blizzes and Snow Golems are given Speed I and Regeneration I for six seconds instead of being hurt.


Gelid Cryotheum can be drunk using a Straw. When done so, the player is dealt quite a bit of damage. However, it also extinguishes the player if they are on fire, and gives them a Fire Resistance effect for eight minutes.

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