Primal Mana

What is this I don't even?

Primal Mana is a fluid added by Thermal Foundation. Currently it cannot be obtained and has no real use whatsoever, though it is planned to be used in future mods.


The following table lists some details of Primal Mana. The same details for Water and Lava are included for comparison.

Fluid Temperature Luminosity Density Viscosity
Primal Mana 350 15 600 6000
Water 300 0 1000 1000
Lava 1300 15 3000 6000


When placed, Primal Mana flows just like Blazing Pyrotheum does. Source blocks also gradually fall downwards if there are no blocks below them. Lastly, Primal Mana cannot be swum in. It can simply be walked through, as if it is not even there.

Primal Mana also interacts in specific ways with some entities or blocks that it touches. The fluid has a combination of some of the effects of Destabilized Redstone, Resonant Ender, Blazing Pyrotheum and Gelid Cryotheum.

  • Any blocks that are flat on top get set on fire, or get Snow Covers placed on top of them.
  • Redstone signals of full strength are emitted from every block of the fluid.
  • Dirt gets turned into Grass Blocks.
  • Coarse Dirt gets turned into Podzol.
  • Glass gets turned into Sand.
  • Redstone Ore is set to glow and emit particles.
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore gets turned into Lapis Lazuli Blocks.
  • Farmland gets turned into Mycelium.
  • Double Stone Slabs get turned into Smooth Double Stone Slabs.
  • Silver (ore or storage blocks) gets turned into Mana Infused Metal.
  • Lead (ore or storage blocks) gets turned into Gold.
  • Entities are randomly teleported around in a range of 8 blocks. Primal Mana does this less often than Resonant Ender does.

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