New Site!

The new site is finally complete! Well, most of it.

That doesn’t mean we’re done with it. The documentation of the various mods still needs a lot of work. CoFH Core and Thermal Foundation are fully documented by now, though. Expect to see documentation of the other mods gradually appear over time. It’s a long and tedious process.

You may have visited the previous ‘new site’ before. The gray, ugly one (that’s why it was redesigned again). Because that was still a work in progress, any links to that version of the site are probably broken now. Sorry about that. It won't happen again. Probably.
EDIT: Broken links shouldn’t be a problem anymore. They will simply redirect to the new links now.

Hope you’ll enjoy the new site! I’d have liked it if KL himself could have written this post, but he’s still pretty busy right now. He’s going to defend the dissertation he has been writing for quite a while now pretty soon. Let’s wish him the best of luck!

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