Release Candidates No More

And we’re released!

That doesn’t mean we’re done. Just means we’re at a point that we have enough features complete and there are extremely few, if any, actual bugs left in the code.

We plan on adding more, don’t worry.

In the coming updates, expect to see new Devices in Thermal Expansion. A miner, pump, and chunkloader are in the works. Handheld tools to make things a bit more interesting are also coming.

Thermal Dynamics will be getting a few new features as well. Fluiducts with no throughput limit. Potentially player transportation as well.

Thermal Foundation will be fleshed out shortly as we’re able to get textures for some of the new things. Once that groundwork is laid out, we’ll be looking at the beginnings of Thermal Ascension. That’s basically all of the things that are going to be fun, but don’t quite fit into Thermal Expansion. for balance or thematic reasons.

CoFH Core will of course keep developing, and have some great new world-gen ideas to add.

And of course, skyboy still has about 3 years worth of stuff on the to-do list for Minefactory Reloaded.

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