CoFH Core

CoFH Core is a mod that contains core functionality for most Team CoFH mods. The mod extends upon CoFHLib, providing more specific functionality.

Other than providing common code for other mods, CoFH Core has a feature set of its own:

Server commands that are useful to moderators or testers.
Custom world generation
Allows players or modpack developers to define their own world generation features.
Flat Bedrock
Optional feature that flattens the bedrock layer.
Retroactive world generation
Allows the world generation features to work even in already generated chunks.
Game tweaks
Various small improvements to the game, fixing some Forge oversights and increasing performance.
Head drops
Configurable head drops for players and mobs.
Generic death messages
Shows death messages for any named entity, instead of just players.
Friends lists
Every player has a friends list, which can be used for things like locks in other CoFH mods.
Update checker
Checks for updates for all CoFH mods, and notifies players if there are any.

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