So GitHub exploded.

Or so anyone following our repos might think.

Here’s what’s up - CoFH now has a Bronze level account on GitHub. We have some private repos now and we’re bringing more people onto the team as it were. It’s an interesting challenge but it’s the kind of thing that I’m able to do as my time is quite limited these days.

Anyways, given this development, we went and wiped everything out and re-uploaded to get things to a stable state. Old PRs and irrelevant issues have been wiped. Issue tracking is disabled, for now.

In the future, we’re going to push for a better method of handling issue tracking. It’d be nice to have a central location to just handle localization PRs and issue tracking.

And, although I haven’t done too much aside from the occasional cleanup here and there, the rest of the team has been doing some pretty cool stuff.

Skyboy has been making a lot of new world gen stuff and optimizations which will go into CoFHCore. Zeldo made some pretty fundamental progress with ThermalDynamics, and now RWTema is stepping up to help get that out the door at some point.

Frankly, we see 1.7.10 sticking around for a long time, since MC 1.8.1 or 1.8.2 or whatever it’ll end up as isn’t out yet and the new builds are still far from stable.

The Microsoft acquisition doesn’t change much for us in the short term. We’ll see what happens when they rewrite it completely.

~King Lemming

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